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First session free

Mat fees

There are different fees depending on whether you are a member of LBJJ or not. 


Normal training sessions

£50 per month if paying by standing order (members only)

60 minute lessons 


120 minute lessons



£10 members

£15 non members

1-1 instruction

£25 per hour


We are pleased to be able to offer full membership to LBJJ - there are a number of benefits of becoming a full member. Please see the list of benefits below:

  • A full hard backed licence and grading book, this book can be used to record your BJJ progress, seminars and also any other discipline that you may have done. Each tab and belt that you are awarded is signed off and stamped by Professor Nathan Beeby*.

  • Annual insurance for each student - this is provided by BMABA and also includes a membership to their organisation.

  • Cheaper mat fees, seminar costs and money off our own brand training gear i.e. Gi's, rash-guards and t-shirts etc. 

  • *Please note that if you are not a member of LBJJ you will not be eligible to grade under Nathan Beeby. 

  • Membership is £20 for the first year and is £15 per year thereafter.